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"It is better to see once than hear for hundred times" - this famous aphorism is relevant today as never. We can realize any task associated with videoproduction.


Our priorities are quality, consistency with the goals and desires of the customer. 100% of our customers are satisfied with videos and become our regular customers!

Every work created by us is a unique idea, embodied in the life by talented operators, editors and designers! We can realize any task associated with videoproduction.

Our favorite tasks are commercial video shooting, creation of presentation and image commercials, corporate films, shooting events, concerts, competitions, training movies, tv shows.

Only individual

approach to each customer!

Every work, created by us, is a unique idea, embodied in the life by talented operators, editors and designers!

Video TV and film production


We work with professional quality camera equipment, such as our Black Magic and Canon 5d MK 3 cameras, used on Hollywood films and hit TV shows.


and special effects


Video Studio specialists are developing computer graphics: video design, 2-d and 3-d animation, motion design and visual effects.

Web video


The site is a sales tool. If you are thinking about how to increase its effectiveness, note the videos. They will help to increase the number of requests and calls from the site.



Our experts carry out editing of one-reeler, agree it with you, make corrections and suggestions, and then implement color correction and final mixing of sound.


and advertising


Quality promotional video is a product of a large number of professionals: copywriters, art-direсtors, directors, cameramen, editing directors, composers, special effects, etc.

Logos and graphic design for print


Preparation of the logo in the following formats: Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator and EPS. After creating a logo, you receive a disk with the logo in vector format for printing.

Our imagination


on serve of your needs


We find non-standard solutions of customer cases and help to create a unique communication with your audience. Each of our projects is the ideas’ expanse and the team of highly skilled professionals, aiming at maximum output.

We strive to help the client and consider all suggestions. We are always ready to consult the client in all matters related to video production. Ordering our services, regardless of your budget, you get the product, that maximally meets your business objectives.


- Paul Gurt, the founder

Latest news

25 july, 2014

In the year 2014 our operator traveled to South America, where the filmed videos for "Dakar Rally" along with famous Ukrainian blogger. For several weeks film crew passed about 10 thousand kilometers along Chile, Argentina and Bolivia.

25 july, 2014

Our film crew visited different corners of the Earth. In 2012, the company participated in the ethnographic expeditions to the Balkans. The camera lens then hit the streets of cities in Serbia, Albania, Slovenia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Romania.

Studio facilities including
Green Screen


We provide everything a production could need, available for hire, including: 3 large studio spaces, an infinity curve green screen stage, facilities for production with makeup, costume & prop rooms, and various rehearsal spaces. We also house accommodation with 30 bedrooms for crew, as well as kitchens and living areas on site.


Paul Gurt

Paul Gurt is the Prime Alpha Bossman and CEO of  Production company, and has been the captain steering the ship since the company’s inception. During weekends and holidays, he is also an award-winning cinematographer.

Tom Sawyer

Tom Sawyer has been The Ideas Guy at Production company since 2006. He received his Master of Fine Arts in Film Production from the University of Miami in 2014, and is a multiple-award-winning director of commercials.

Destiny Chukunyere

Destiny Chukunyere is the Five-Star Generalissimo of Producing at Video Productions. She serves as the point man for logistics and budgeting on all of our shoots, and has produced spots for Coca-Cola, Visa, and AT&T, to mention a few.